standardize technologyYou can purchase a multitude of technologies off the shelves of major stores, and sure, all of them might work – for the time being, but in the long run, the cost of not having standardized technology leads to high support costs, more incompatibility issues, and worse, inability to access vital systems necessary for workers to stay productive.

When you have well defined technology standards and make sure all technology is standardized across the entire environment, you experience cost savings and efficiency through economy of scale, ease of integration, simplified support options, and greater control.

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Being open to new technologies is fundamental to achieving your goals and objectives, however, every single piece of hardware or software program that’s added to your environment brings hidden and not-so-hidden costs: installation, maintenance, support, upgrades, patches – it all adds up fast. Here’s a few examples of standardization across your entire environment:

  • Software: Everyone in the company uses the same version of the same software to simplify automating patches and updates while making sure the proper features are available.
  • Hardware: Everyone in the company uses the same computer manufacturer and model to make it easier to find and track replacement parts and receive support when needed.
  • Operating Systems: Every system uses the same operating system to ensure the right software can be installed without compatibility issues while simplifying staying on top of releases, updates, and more.

How does this save you time, money, and frustration? Simple: once you’ve ensured standardized technology, you’re able to:

  • Avoid incompatibility problems that come from supporting 15 different computer models, multiple versions of software, and various operating systems.
  • Make support requests easier and quicker to handle as your IT department is able to easily troubleshoot any issues or install any systems because they’re already familiar.
  • Stay up-to-date and safe against threats because all hardware and software can easily be kept up-to-date with the latest patches and upgrades for optimal security.
  • Lower costs of maintaining equipment as support takes less time, maintenance is simpler, and of course, automation becomes easy due to well defined standards.

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