Find Out About The Business Phone Solutions For The Next Decade

Answers To 7 Questions Our Clients Asked Before Trading In Their Old Systems

For years our clients have been asking for a better business phone solution than the ones they’ve been using.  With the advent of the Cloud and its endless possibilities many new business phone solutions have come to market.

But our clients were confused. They asked:

Which business phone is best for most small-to-mid-sized businesses?

Our clients all have different needs. That’s why we’ve chosen to provide 3 different business phone systems to choose from Avaya (Cloud and On-Premise), 3CX and Panasonic Business Phone Systems.

We can help you decide which is best for your unique situation. These are all next-generation systems and no matter which you choose you’ll have the backing of our certified team who will take you through the installation, setup and management.

Will it be easy to expand phone service as our business grows?

Each of these phone solutions is easy to expand. Avaya in particular easily supports more users and new capabilities.  The user administration is fast and seamless. Plus, each new user will have their own number to connect with co-workers, partners, and customers from anywhere at any time – and on any device!

Each business phone solution is designed for a small-business budget and fluctuations in capacity. They scale up with your growth, or down for fewer users in offseasons.

What features do your business phone systems provide?

Each has its own. But in general, this is what you can expect:

  • You can quickly and reliably connect your people and customers using any one of our efficient and affordable phone systems. You’ll have access to the powerful communications typically found in large businesses.
  • Your staff will be more efficient and more productive with:
    • Full-featured, high-quality audio speakerphones and voice messaging.
    • A versatile receptionist console that speeds call handling.
    • Mobile capabilities that make it easy to be as productive and responsive on the road as in the office.
  • To find a deployment that works best for you – one that’s entirely in the Cloud installed on your premises, or a combination of both. The hybrid option is an ideal stepping stone for businesses that are migrating to cloud communications. Your organization in Los Angeles will benefit from:
  • The flexibility to take your phone extension with you wherever you are.
  • Save money on long-distance calling.
  • Easy installation, setup, and management through a web-based dashboard.

Can we integrate our cell phones with your business telephone systems?

This is a great benefit. Your mobile employees will have seamless and immediate connectivity to your business phone system without dropped calls or interference. Customers on the other end of a call won’t know when your employees transfer their desk-phone call to a mobile phone when they run out the door for a meeting.  Today’s next-generation phone systems are optimized to the device—mobile, tablet, browser, or desktop.

How does voicemail work?

You’ll never lose a voice mail message. You can retrieve messages from voicemail attendants as well as email on your computer devices.  When your team is on the go, they can access all the same features that they do when they’re in the office. Retrieve messages from your desk phones, mobile phones or computers.

I know they support voice conferencing. What about video conferencing?

You can always choose to add video and advanced unified communications features. Plus, you can transform your contact center with multi-channel capabilities to support just one site or scale up to multiple offices.

Why should we upgrade now?

Every organization wants to cut their phone costs and benefit from the most current telecommunications features. This includes your competitors. If you’re going to stay relevant and competitive, it’s time for you to consider upgrading to a business phone solution that makes it easy for you and your staff to stay connected, and your customers to reach you easily and quickly.  Whether you choose an on-premises, cloud or hybrid solution, you’ll have a selection of features that will help you achieve this and much more.


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