Every educational institution in the country has the same question… How do we leverage technology to deliver a better-quality educational experience to our students while reducing overall costs? In this article, we’ll explore some of the IT solutions and the IT services that are providing an answer to that question.

How Educational Institutions are Harnessing IT Solutions and IT Services

Technology has been an enabler of increased productivity and countless consumer innovations.  In education, we have witnessed the appearance of Massive Open Online Course (MOCC) platforms, that leverage technologies like cloud computing to provide low or no-cost education to thousands of participants.

What Technology Services Are Educational Institutions Using?

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    Cloud Services

    According to a 2016 report from CDW, 67 percent of school IT solutions are delivered fully or partially through the cloud. That’s up from 42 percent in 2014. From email, storage, and web hosting, to collaboration portals and specialized mobile learning (m-learning) solutions, schools around America are embracing the benefits of cloud computing at an unprecedented pace.

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    Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery

    Educational institutions need to protect their students, their staff, and their data. Unauthorized access to private data can harm the reputation of any school. A properly implemented security strategy should provide a safe environment for students and teachers to collaborate and share information.

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    IT Management & Tech Support

    For a long time now, Managed IT Services have allowed companies to reduce their IT spending and make better use of their IT budget. It’s only natural that schools should leverage the same benefits that businesses realize from Managed IT Services.

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    Video Conferencing and Collaboration Services

    Video conferencing and collaboration solutions can enhance the learning experience. Having an expert from across the world lecture via video feed is now commonplace in classrooms. Video conferencing and collaboration services can open limitless possibilities for students and teachers.

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    Network Infrastructure and Wireless

    Most IT services rely on network infrastructure to function properly. Initiatives like video conferencing services, cloud storage and BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) would not be possible without a reliable and secure wireless network.


What Do We Learn About IT Services for Education?

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