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Let us take you on a quick overview of our major IT services offerings.

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    IT Managed Services

    IT Managed Services is the proactive way to get both your technology and your IT budgeting under control. By entering into an IT Managed Services agreement, you benefit from a holistic, comprehensive approach to IT maintenance and operational monitoring — all included in a stable monthly subscription payment.

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    Computer & Network Security

    Every company must face the challenge of securing confidential client information, proprietary data, and daily workflow. Our Computer & Network Security service ensures that you have the latest in cybersecurity technology, configuration, and protocols in place and that intrusion detection is running around the clock to protect you.

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    Business Telephone Services

    What companies expect from their telephone services has increased exponentially over the past ten years. Modern, internet-based business telephone systems are a key component of a company’s public relations, communications, and productivity strategies. We ensure that you have the best telephone setup for your needs and then go the extra step in securing, managing, and supporting you as you utilize your phone systems.

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    Network & Data Cabling

    When cabling is done correctly, a company never thinks about those wires that run through the walls, ceiling, and floor – carrying data from one point of the network to another. However, when cabling is not configured or installed correctly, the data slowdowns can cause confusion and frustration. Our technicians are licensed by the State of California and have the experience to ensure that your cabling project is done right the first time.

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    EMR Integrations

    Every EMR system comes with integrations that work “out of the box.” But what about the applications that you use every day that aren’t on your EMR’s list of existing, tested integrations? Our technicians work with EMR systems on a daily basis to help organizations like yours avoid unnecessary manual data input. When applications and EMR systems “talk” to each other, it frees your time to do more important tasks and speeds the process for positive patient outcomes.

Are These Five Core Services the Only IT Services We Offer? – Of Course Not!

The above-listed services are just the tip of the iceberg! Our IT consultants draw on their vast IT support experience and training to provide the customized IT services your company needs to scale to its next plateau of success. No matter what your IT environment requires, no matter what IT problem you face, we’ve undoubtedly seen it before and have the background needed to get and keep your computer systems on track. Give us a call. We’d be happy to have a no-obligation conversation with you.


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