Computer Help L.A. works with the California cannabis industry using technology and information systems to achieve business objectives, meet customer demands, and produce a quality product.

Computer Help L.A. Technology Services For The California Cannabis Industry

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    Computer Help L.A. works with Grows to ensure that their computer systems are up-to-date and have the latest hardware and software. This industry is growing so fast that it requires cutting edge technology to meet the increasing demands. Special computer programs have been developed to use with the Grow operations. These programs can track the status of plants, maintain inventory control, and stay on top of distribution channels.

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    Computer Help L.A. works with dispensaries as well. They ensure that these dispensaries have the most effective hardware and software programs for use in their day-to-day business operations. With the right technology, dispensaries can more easily maintain and track inventory, track product sales, and keep up with customer and patient information.

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    Computer Help L.A. works with industry vendors who provide products and services to the California cannabis industry. If you have a company that provides soil testing, water systems, fertilizers, or some other component necessary for healthy growing plants, Computer Help L.A. can help. Whether you need better security for your network or a simplified supply chain, Computer Help L.A. is well experienced in this industry. We work with company owners and stakeholders to develop an efficient system that nets the biggest profits and produces the healthiest plants.

What Technology Solutions and Services Does Computer Help L.A. Provide To The California Cannabis Industry?

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    Computer Networking

    Computer Help L.A. will setup your computer network and provide ongoing services and support. The cannabis industry needs reliable computer networks and computer systems in order to meet the growing demands.

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    Network Security

    The cannabis industry is not immune to those same cybersecurity threats that impact corporate America. The entire cannabis industry must maintain the security of their technology systems to ensure customer/patient information is not compromised. Just as in any other healthcare sector, the cannabis industry must take every precaution to secure the sensitive health information of their patients.

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    Data Backup & Recovery

    Data loss impacts almost every industry, and the cannabis industry is no different. This industry needs reliable data backup and recovery solutions that ensure Business Continuity. If human error occurs where information is deleted or if a complete failure occurs from power loss or natural disaster, your data could be at risk.

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    Technology Consulting

    The experts at Computer Help L.A. will meet with business leaders across the cannabis industry to discuss their current networking equipment and computer systems to determine whether improvements need to be made. You have the strategic advantage over your competition if you use the right technology. We can help you determine what will work best for your business and what types of software programs


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