New “Dmail” Chrome Extension Lets You Send Self-Destructing Emails!

dmailHave you ever worried about sending an email that includes sensitive information? Or maybe you’ve accidentally forwarded an email that the recipient shouldn’t have seen? Digital information can be easily stored, archived, copied or misused, even by mistake.

Fortunately, a new Chrome extension, “Dmail,” offers email users the option to set an email to self-destruct after a timed period, ensuring that the email will not be misrouted, saved or lost, which helps to secure any information included in the message.

How it works:

  1. Installation

Simply add the extension to your Chrome browser. Whenever you send an email that you would prefer to be impermanent, click “Send with Dmail” to set a limit on the message’s shelf life.

  1. Enhanced security

In addition to deleting your email after a predetermined amount of time, Dmail uses encryption software so that only the intended recipient can read the message – no one else.

  1. Compatibility

Messages sent by a Dmail user do not require the recipient to also have Dmail installed with their email service, which makes it much more efficient for users to leverage.

  1. Access Revocation

At any time after sending the email, you may revoke access to the email from any and all recipients, should you change your mind afterwards. The revoked message instantly becomes encrypted and unreadable.

Dmail is currently available as a free beta version (equipped for unlimited emails and recipients) and will soon offer packages that will suit individual needs, as well as those of both large and small businesses.

When sharing sensitive information, you must ensure the right security measures are in place! To learn more about securing sensitive information, contact ComputerHelpLA at (310) 893-0878 or {email.


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