Nothing’s more frustrating than waiting too long for an IT issue to get fixed. Especially when you’re already paying for managed IT support, slow response times and impermanent solutions can lead to extensive downtime. That’s why Rejuva Medical Aesthetics turned to Computer Help LA.

Rejuva Medical Aesthetics is an active plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles. They offer clients a range of advanced techniques in plastic surgery and non-invasive treatments. Like any medical practice, they rely on IT to be able to treat their clients.

Unfortunately, before working with Computer Help LA, Rejuva Medical Aesthetics didn’t have the IT support they needed…

Why did Rejuva Medical Aesthetics need Computer Help LA?

Rejuva Medical Aesthetics already had a Los Angeles IT company – the problem is that they weren’t doing their job. Despite what they had told Rejuva Medical Aesthetics about both their technical capabilities and their support response times, they failed to deliver when it came time to actually step up and fix the IT problems.

“We were very dissatisfied with our vendor at the time,” says Sherry Gizewski, Practice Administrator for Rejuva Medical Aesthetics. “Response time to issues was poor and their fees were high. In addition, they did not have the expertise initially claimed. We basically had very little support. When something went wrong, it took at least 24 hours for a resolution. Also, just reporting the issue was difficult as there was no system in place to do so.”

Recognizing that they needed a more attentive and expert Los Angeles IT company, Rejuva Medical Aesthetics began researching alternatives. They didn’t just look at Los Angeles IT company websites though – they looked for references and compared services rates as well.

“We researched several companies and after careful consideration chose Computer Help LA,” says Sherry. “Their references were outstanding and fees were reasonable and competitive.”

What did Computer LA Help do for Rejuva Medical Aesthetics?

  • Effective IT Support
    Some of the most immediate benefits of truly effective IT support in Los Angeles can be so simple – such as having the ability to log a support ticket and know that it will be addressed quickly.

    That’s what Computer Help LA did for Rejuva Medical Aesthetics – thanks to a user-friendly support chat system, they could get in touch with a technician quickly with any issues that came up.

    “With Computer Help LA, we now have an efficient chat system in effect that allows us to connect with a technician within minutes,” says Sherry.

  • HIPAA Compliance
    Computer Help LA also supports Rejuva Medical Aesthetics’ compliance efforts. As a part of their IT support, Computer Help LA conducted a HIPAA Assessment for Rejuva Medical Aesthetics.

    “In addition, Computer Help LA offered a complimentary HIPAA assessment,” says Sherry. “We were provided a comprehensive report which identified issues which have since been corrected. We have made more progress in one month than we had in several years with our previous vendor.”

  • Email Migration
    Transitioning from one email client to another can be a difficult process. It’s time-consuming, and so it has to be done when it won’t interrupt business processes (i.e., during the day when clients are trying to get in touch with Rejuva Medical Aesthetics).

    Computer Help LA managed Rejuva Medical Aesthetics’ email migration so that they wouldn’t experience any unnecessary downtime during business hours.

    “We had an issue with an email migration and they worked until almost midnight to make sure it was a smooth transition,” says Sherry.

What effect has Computer Help LA had on Rejuva Medical Aesthetics?

Thanks to more responsive and effective support from Computer Help LA, Rejuva Medical Aesthetics can get their problems fixed more quickly, so they can get back to work.

“We are operating more efficiently and have access to immediate support,” says Sherry. “Computer Help LA is resourceful with solutions and have made us feel well taken care of.”

Are you looking for a more responsive Los Angeles IT company?

If you’re struggling to get your IT problems fixed (and fixed for good), then maybe it’s time to find a new Los Angeles IT company.

Should you work with Computer Help LA?

Maybe – but don’t take our word for it.

Rejuva Medical Aesthetics has already referred us to two other medical practices in Los Angeles.

“I am very satisfied,” says Sherry. “They made a special trip to our office to help troubleshoot an issue that was really something that could have been taken care of remotely.”


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