Maximizing your IT investment and getting you the comprehensive protection you need.

At ComputerHelpLA we know that no two businesses are alike; when you’re running a non profit, you need to get the absolute best return on your IT investment with services and solutions geared towards your needs. We craft strategic IT plans designed to cover every angle; with us as your IT partner, you increase productivity and efficiency while keeping costs low.

Other IT teams make the same mistakes – they don’t properly protect you. Just because you don’t work for a huge corporation, it doesn’t mean that the data you’re storing isn’t valuable to hackers. You need protection to keep client and business data safe, so that downtime or breaches don’t lead to the end of your business.

We know that as a non profit, you’re doing the same balancing act as other businesses but on an even tighter budget, under greater oversight, and with a group of volunteers that may not all be able to come into your office every day. Let ComputerHelpLA help you reach your goals with ease – contact us at or (310) 893-0878.

We provide:

Proactive Support – Keep your systems functioning at their best at all times with proactive support and services that prevent issues from causing downtime. You get peace of mind knowing that you’ve got an experienced and reliable team of IT experts on your side.

Cloud Solutions – Make collaboration and privacy easier and more attainable than ever. Share files, work on tasks and receive information from clients and co-workers from any device. Mobilized operations are your best bet for success.

Protection – At ComputerHelpLA we know that disasters strike at any time; usually when you least expect it. Downtime cripples more than 50% of businesses that are affected, and you can’t afford to become another statistic of livelihood lost. Our business continuity plans ensure you always have access to the data and applications you need to operate.

Your IT should help problems disappear, not create new ones. Contact ComputerHelpLA at (310) 893-0878 or send us an email at to get our team of experts on your side.


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