Get the best return on your IT investment with the freedom and flexibility that hosted desktop and servers provide.

IT is constantly evolving, giving you new ways to streamline tasks and make management of your work easier and more effective. We know that you’re not just working inside an office anymore, so you need solutions that give you mobility and security to get work done while on the go. With hosted desktop and servers, you take your office wherever you go, with secure and easy access to all of the files and applications you need.

Hosted desktop and servers consolidate your applications and processes into an easy-to-use online environment; essentially, your entire office is in the cloud. Your unique needs are always met, with scalability to ensure you’re getting everything you need to thrive.

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We handle all of the backend maintenance, while you benefit from reduced operating costs and greater freedom and flexibility.

  • With cloud-based access to your desktop applications, you’re finally able to get work done regardless of your location and with whichever device you use to do business. Your productivity will be on the rise with easier management of tasks and improved collaboration between employees.
  • The functionality of your applications improve with hosted desktops and servers, plus your security is tightened and you have peace of mind knowing there are always backups of your important data.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that your company data is protected against unauthorized access. Security features include customizable controls like encryption, password protection, user authentication and a control panel that allows you to decide who is able to view what.

Get the best odds for success with improved flexibility, security and effectiveness with hosted desktop and server solutions from ComputerHelpLA.

Contact us at or (310) 893-0878.


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