IT solutions designed to ensure you’re always communicating securely and protecting business data when it’s in transit.

Did you know your data is most at risk when it’s being transferred? That means when you’re sending an email you’re facing several security threats. We know that you can’t risk your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, and that’s why we provide unique, breakthrough solutions to keep your data safe.

Don’t let hackers or scam artists compromise your email communications – talk to ComputerHelpLA to learn more at or (310) 893-0878.

Think of how many emails you read every single day: it’s a huge number. Now imagine the volume of emails coming and going throughout your entire business. Studies show that 1 out of every 392 emails contains a phishing scam, which means your company is more likely than you think to be targeted. But we’re here to keep your business safe.

  • Anti-spam solutions scan your incoming mail to stop spam, viruses and phishing attempts before they make it to your device.
  • Outbound mail scanning keeps your business off of spam lists and blacklist services; plus, if a computer is infected with a malicious virus, your outgoing mail services won’t be jeopardized.
  • Using the cloud to access emails, contacts, files and folders gives you better security and the mobility to work from any device with assurance that your communications are safe.
  • User-training ensures that your employees are able to spot phishing or malware attempts instead of becoming victims. Look out for unknown senders, attachments and links that you weren’t expecting or don’t recognize, and never give out financial or personal data in an email.

ComputerHelpLA provides services and solutions that keep you secure while guaranteeing that you get the best return on your IT investment. Contact us at or (310) 893-0878 to talk about the email security solutions that best fit your needs.


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