ComputerHelpLA provides secure and stable access to IT tools that help students and teachers thrive in the education system.

Many students have no idea the type of technology advancements they’re benefiting from – just a few years ago, the IT landscape was totally different. With the right services and support, both teachers and students now have access to detailed information on nearly any subject, plus tools designed to streamline tasks and make work more effective.

Give your staff and students the best odds for success with IT solutions geared towards their unique needs. IT and education go hand-in-hand, helping students pull knowledge from a variety of sources, and using applications to help them better comprehend stats and information.

Get in touch with ComputerHelpLA at or (310) 893-0878 to talk about getting the best IT services and solutions for your school.

At ComputerHelpLA we know you need the whole package; we don’t just give you tools to thrive, but we also offer comprehensive protection that’s designed to keep your data safe. Cybercrime doesn’t just affect huge corporations – education systems need to be protected, too, and we provide the security solutions you need.

With ComputerHelpLA you get:

  • The absolute best return on your IT investment. Our services are geared towards your unique needs, so you’re always getting the right tools and solutions to streamline tasks, make management easier, and improve the quality of your output.
  • Support as soon as you need it. No more struggling with technology or waiting around for assistance – we give you the support you need right away, so that small issues don’t get out of hand and lead to downtime.
  • A reliable IT partner. We’re here to help guide you to make the right decisions when it comes to technology. Strategic planning and a mutually-beneficial partnership ensure you’re always functioning at the top of your game.
  • Comprehensive protection. Your data is always backed up and secure, so hardware issues or a data breach won’t cripple you. Your staff and students will never lose productivity due to IT downtime. We also restrict student access to inappropriate sites so that they’re never distracted or wasting valuable time.

Your students deserve the best advantages to fully leverage the information available to them; talk to ComputerHelpLA at or (310) 893-0878 about getting IT services designed to help your staff and students thrive.


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