Are you protecting your patients and your livelihood by becoming and staying compliant?

Keeping up with the ever-changing tide of government regulations in the healthcare industry can be tough, especially when you’d rather be focusing on the care you provide – not the paperwork. But if even one step is missed in maintaining your compliance with HIPAA, trouble for your business and your patients’ privacy could be just around the corner.

It’s important to have an IT professional on your side that specializes in HIPAA compliance to protect yourself and your patients.

How Does a HIPAA Compliance Assessment Work?

Computer Help LA HIPAA specialists begin with using specialized tools to investigate the parameters of your IT systems. Once this investigation is complete, the scrutiny of our team moves to your documentation, written protocols, and physical setup. Each element that is examined plays a part in producing the overall picture of the compliant posture of your IT environment. When we have completed this thorough assessment, we deliver an executive level report that details your IT systems current compliance standing, issues that must be remedied, and suggested fixes.

Steps Toward Complete HIPAA Compliance

Not every business is quite up to HIPAA standards. There are many reasons for this, ranging from a lack of compliance knowledge to lack of competent IT personnel or finances. Below is the process that Computer Help LA utilizes to bring a medical practice into HIPAA compliance – step by step.

  1. Step

    Completing security risk analysis to find any areas of compliance deficiency or patient data risk

  2. Step

    Implementing a full security solution to protect your data – including encryption, state-of-the-art firewalls, user authentication, malware protection, and password protection

  3. Step

    Creating policies to help you and your staff use your technology safely – so you don’t accidentally cause a data breach yourselves

  4. Step

    Implementing a complete backup and disaster recovery plan for all your data – protecting your patients’ records from harm and helping you maintain operations in the event of a disaster

  5. Step

    Helping you maintain your EMR/EHR management systems, so you can demonstrate compliance to HHS OCR auditors

  6. Step

    Auditing the admin controls and permissions granted to all your staff members, so you know who can access what information

  7. Step

    Continual review of system, processes, procedures and policies


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