FSS – File Syncing & Sharing Service You Can Count On

Boosting your employees’ productivity requires mobile file syncing and sharing (FSS) capabilities so they can access files when on the go, traveling, from home, or wherever they happen to be.

However, unless you use a secure File Synchronization and Sharing (FSS) solution, the ever-present threat of data theft can put your confidential information and business at risk. IT professionals continually report security problems caused by consumer-grade FSS services.

You need the security of an enterprise-based FSS with privacy features that are designed for mobile syncing, sharing and collaboration.

No Longer Are Your Workers Confined To Their Desktops

If you are like the majority of employers today, you let your employees use their own devices for work purposes. Mobile file sharing solutions are the new norm. Your employees can now access and share digital information across a range of mobile devices.

Today’s employees expect this from their employers. Without the freedom to use file sharing outside of the office, workers are limited and can’t realize their fullest potential.  When this happens, the best and the brightest will move on to another company or, even worse, your competition.

You basically have no choice but to provide mobile access to your data to compete in today’s business environment. However, you need complete control over mobile devices and how employees access your confidential information.  If not, your business is at risk.

What’s Required For Secure File Syncing and Sharing   

  • Secure Control Over Multiple Devices

Today, employees are bringing their own devices to work (BYOD). With this comes benefits but also risks.  If you permit BYOD in your workplace, you must be able to not only support these devices but control what data they can access and store. Your FSS service should be capable of handling both of these requirements, without constraining access to the files your employees need to complete their assigned tasks.

  • Secure Collaboration and Editing Capabilities

Your FSS solution should provide for seamless editing, annotation, and locking of content on any device such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. And it should be capable of doing this without having to use third-party mobile applications.

  • Secure Syncing

Your FSS solution should be able to replicate your file structures down to the sub-folder level. If not, your mobile workforce won’t have the important access they need to complete projects in a timely fashion.

  • Secure Out-of-Network Access

Your mobile workforce won’t always be able to connect online. Most collaborative solutions require a connection to the Internet to access the files. With our FSS Service, your employees will be able to manipulate documents when they’re offline – not just view them.

  • Secure Control Over Document Versions

Our FSS Service provides built-in version control to prevent losing important changes. This ensures that your documents can be instantly recovered, viewed and stored in their original location. Consumer-grade file sharing programs don’t provide this capability. You need our enterprise-based FSS service to benefit from this capability.

  • Secure Sharing When Using Different File-Sharing Services

If your employees need to share documents with your clients or others outside your organization, these people will probably be using a different file-sharing service than the one you use. Your service should provide the ability for your employees to connect securely to files that are sent to them from other FSS services.

  • Secure and Automatic Quick Response Coding

Your employees need the capability to easily search and retrieve documents. Save your employees the headaches of searching through hundreds of documents to find the exact one that they need. This will increase their productivity and save you money in turn.

  • Secure Image and Document Scanning

Just like your onsite workers, your offsite workforce requires the capability to scan document markups and photos and convert them into PDF files they can share via their mobile devices.

  • Complete Security and Privacy

Our enterprise-based File Sharing and Syncing Service protects your users from exposing data without negatively impacting their productivity. It has built-in features like two-factor authentication and remote-wipe capabilities, plus:

  • Comprehensive encryption capabilities for data in transit, storage, on devices and work in process. Encryption keys are rotated continuously and are unique for each file.
  • Policy controls for all content with specific settings, along with complete control of the users and devices allowed to access files.
  • Prevents tampering of documents, including those that are downloaded and copied.
  • Capabilities to auto-create view-only PDFs when needed.
  • Links for customized file sharing with password protection along with auto-expiration after specific time periods to eliminate the need to email documents and to ensure complete security when sharing files.
  • Session timers for inactivity for all mobile devices and workstations.
  • Whitelisting of IP addresses with restricted access to the Cloud. You’ll have complete control over what devices and individuals can access your cloud service and files in the Cloud.

Empower Your Employees to Collaborate Securely With Autotask WorkplaceTM, A File Syncing and Sharing Service That:

  • Integrates with your existing IT system. We can help to ensure Active Directory deployments are set up properly for user and group authentication and management, document uploads and attachments and that they work seamlessly with the software solutions you use like Outlook, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs.
  • Implements continuous real-time backups to promote business continuity and disaster recovery if your data is lost, stolen or damaged. You’ll benefit from a secure enterprise-based cloud backup solution along with your onsite backup. Your backups will be continuously running in the background to capture file modifications and changes within seconds.
  • Syncs files reliably in real time and across multiple platforms. This ensures your team stays in sync continuously. It also works with Apple or Windows servers and computers. Your users will always have access to the latest files and documents whether they retrieve them online or offline.
  • Employs a cloud-enabled file server. Your authorized users and teams can securely access your most up-to-date files whenever and from where ever they are, and without the worry of data intrusions. Your files will always be protected, archived and recoverable with easy access for your designated employees.
  • Handles the largest files with no limits. Sharing large files is still an issue for many businesses. With our FSS Service, this is no longer a concern. Large files with data-heavy graphics can be shared securely with ease and without size limits.

Does Your FSS Measure Up?

When Shopping For Any FSS Solution Compare It Against The Best – Our File Syncing and Sharing Service, Autotask Workplace That Provides Superior:


  • Cloud Enabled
  • Continuous Real-Time Backup
  • No File Size Limitations
  • Multi-Platform Deployment
  • Ease of System Integration

Security and Privacy:

  • IP Address White Lists
  • Inactivity Session Limits
  • Links for Content Sharing
  • Built-In Two-Factor Authentication
  • Built-In Remote Wipe
  • Copy Prevention
  • Auto PDF Abilities
  • Download Protection
  • Policy-Based Content Controls
  • Policy-Based User and Device Controls
  • Encryption During Sessions, In Transit and On Devices

Mobile Workforce Productivity:

  • Automatic QR Document Coding
  • Scan to PDF Capabilities
  • Instant Field Image and Document Capturing
  • Secure File Sharing Across File Sharing and Sync Services
  • Version Control
  • Both Online and Offline File Access
  • Smart Sync
  • Multi-Platform and Device Editing and Collaboration

For more information about our superior, secure, private and easy-to-use File Syncing and Sharing Service contact the experts at Computer Help LA at (310) 893-0878 or info@computerhelpla.com. We’ll be happy to provide a free demonstration.


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