How Can You Save Money With The Cloud?

Cloud computing transformed the way companies approached their infrastructure. You’re not locked into using on-site resources only. Instead, you ha

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Are You Using Internet Explorer?

Do you still surf the Web with Internet Explorer?  If so, you’re not alone. Even after Microsoft came out with their new Edge browser in 2015, som

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Have You Heard of DuckDuckGo?

The self-proclaimed “search engine that doesn’t track you,” DuckDuckGo is likely the most successful search engine available when it comes to p

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Should CMOs and CIOs Partner On Strategic Information Technology?

For as long as the roles of CMO and CIO have existed, their work has rarely overlapped. CMOs focused on the company’s marketing efforts while CIOs

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Can You Legally and Ethically Monitor Your Employee’s Online Activities?

Monitoring employee behavior is nothing new, as supervisors have been stalking their staff for generations. What has changed is the degree to which e

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How AI Is Saving Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Practices An Hour Each Day

The red tape that normally surrounds the administration of patients in the healthcare industry is a leading cause of physician burnout, as many data

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