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IT Security

Don’t let a disaster or data breach cripple your business – get the comprehensive and reliable services you need.

Cyber Security and Data Protection

Don’t let a disaster or data breach cripple your business – get the comprehensive and reliable services you need to protect your livelihood.

When it comes to protecting your data, there are no shortcuts or easy ways out. You need strategic and comprehensive security to ensure your livelihood is never compromised. As businesses store more data than ever, it gets harder and harder to account for everything: but it’s not impossible. Computer Help LA knows the challenges you’re facing, and our IT security solutions are designed to provide the utmost protection.

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IT companies that don’t plan for everything end up leaving you exposed to anything; businesses are crippled every day due to data loss or hardware issues. Downtime is always expensive and frustrating, interrupting workflow and tarnishing your reputation with clients. With Computer Help LA as your IT partner, you get:

  • Regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure you’re always working with the most current patches and updates.
  • Proactive services and monitoring so that any issues are detected and dealt with as soon as they come up.
  • Firewall protection and filtering to stop malware, spam and other viruses from disrupting your system.

Business Continuity Planning

Most important of all is strategic planning for your future; business continuity plans ensure that you’ve accounted for everything. Whether you’re hit with a natural disaster, a data breach, hardware issues, or any other unexpected occurrence – you always have access to the data you need to function.

More than 50% of business that are hit with major downtime end up going under; our proactive planning helps ensure you keep on working through any crisis, so clients stay happy and your business remains productive.

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